Feeling old

Tonight I used a term when chatting to someone that I thought meant something different to his understanding..

I use the term ‘hook up’ to mean ‘meet up with informally’. To me, the term can be applied to males or females, friends, colleagues, anyone. Yes, it can be a sexual meeting, but it could equally be for a friendship, a work collaboration, getting together to brainstorm a project, etc. So, tonight when I was trying to make a friend feel better about things and I was listing the things he’d got to look forward to, I was surprised when he took offence at me saying he’d a hook up with a girl he’d previously mentioned to look forward to. He’d thought I meant a sordid sexual meeting. I was sure he’d mentioned that the girl was much younger than him and had a boyfriend, so I’d assumed their meeting would be about music or something. It hadn’t occurred to me that it might be something else. The more I protested my innocent use of the term, the more he seemed to think I was suggesting otherwise.

After this conversation, I suddenly remembered that a male friend had suggested a hook up with me this week. I’d assumed he meant a chat over drinks and a meal, but after my other friend’s reaction I felt mortified that he was expecting something else which I wasn’t offering. I quickly sent him a message and was relieved to get a reply saying that he wasn’t expecting more himself. Phew!

I’m often intrigued by the English language and how different people interpret things differently. I wondered if it was an age thing, whether it’s because I mix in different circles or what. I wish I knew so I don’t make similar mistakes again.


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